Coinbees project on Tezos Blockchain, an in-depth view

Characteristically, CoinBees encompasses a universal community made of both operators and investors that aim at protecting bees globally. They focus specifically on the preservation of humanity. The foundation deals with the management of investments. It establishes, develops, and implements initiatives that have been decided upon by the stakeholders. The organization also involves a fully-fledged blockchain system that is autonomous and manages all the financial and technical ecosystems. Thus it is a dedicated cryptocurrency, meaning that the coin gets distributed among its global sponsors and actors who support the foundation.

The bees’ mortality rates globally are alarming and have reached ten times higher than the acceptable threshold. Hence, this directly affects honey productions, which in most cases, the products in the market are not genuine. Therefore the organization has four main missions. The first is to support the sector by offering micro-credits. Then they aim at rebuilding and promotion of purposeful technologies through introduction of innovative strategies in the establishment of environmental friendly bear-rearing methods. The final mission is to organize Data Bees Systems to enable them showcase real-time progress.

Links with Tezos

Lastly, as noted earlier, the coins’ transfer are only through Tezos. The platform comprises an upcoming decentralized cryptocurrency that is independent because it has a webbased commonwealth. Hence, it is a public blockchain and operates on Proof-of-Stake (POS) algorithm, which is greener and more acceptable than Proof-of-Work. Therefore, thanks to this platform, Coinbees are now considered formal, and so are the smart contracts which have respected specifications. For security reasons, especially in the blockchain world, a formal verification provides some guarantee to the users.


The organization plans on developing a new cryptocurrency that will operate through the sale of CoinBees. It is quite a new blockchain that aims at financing the world of bees. The donations will be available in the forms of Euros and Dollars based on the investments by the individual.
The donors and investors are mainly those concerned with the absurd disappearance
of bees. Thus they are willing to put the foot forward to aid in the prevention of further loss. The metrics are as follows:
1 CoinBees = 1 Bees = 10000 Flowers
When considering the valuation based on different studies, the price of a bee is estimated
to be 0.01$. The price will continue going up due to rarity and demand. About 5,0000billion bees
are left globally, as a result, CoinBees targets 1% of that amount (50 billion units). Blockchain
technology will rock the future due to the traceability of data concerned with the tech. Thus, this
was the reason why CoinBees appealed its engineers to build this technology for future
progression. Estimations show that more than 50 billion tokens are going to be in distribution
within the next 20 years, and the symbol for each coin will be a bee. The exchange will follow
the following metrics:

150 CoinBees = 1 XTZ
≈ 1 Bees $0.01* ≈ 0.006 XTZ
1,000,000 Bees ≈ 6 000 XTZ
*Price initial $0.01

Coinbees Utility

The Coinbees are viable for investment and financial applications and operations. For that reason, individuals can decide on sponsoring or offer sponsorship to the beekeepers. The foundation also runs on democracy, and it depends upon a voting system for the member to agree on the next big project. Through beekeeping technology, it will empower and grow the application of a new cryptocurrency that will have a universal impact. The said initiative will mostly aid the honey cycle, which has become crippled due to heterogeneity and plurality. It will oversee the purchase and monitoring of automated beehives, all containing multi-level training  and maintaining services. The benefits from such investment come in terms of $ and the advantage being that such transactions have ownership certification and traceability.

Token Lifecycle and Technical Roadmap

The lifecycle for the token described in the initial section is straightforwardly comprehensible to fuel the ecosystem towards a bright future. It starts with the individual purchasing the coins and then getting APP in your specific devices for easy monitoring. Voting for the next project then follows using the already purchased CoinBees. Upon settling on a specified project, the organization then invests dollars to that initiative. Finally, they get shares from that same returns and immediately reinvest to make more money. The app is also suitable for buying products and services from the CoinBees systems. The roadmap for these coins is quite young because it started in 2019 but shows great hope for the future. Fundamentally, in 2019 the aim of the coins was establishing and developing the CoinBees ecosystem. In the first quarter of 2020, the objective is to create a website and continue tweaking its system; additionally, they aim at creating a private sales platform. The second quarter is about launching the private sale with the availability of 15Billion CoinBees. The third quarter is about financing the Bees’ Dream Project, and finally, the last part of the year will focus on introducing donations and voting to fulfill the token cycle. For the year 2021, emphasis shall be on creating exchange rates for Coinbees and establishing necessary proprietary technologies

Coin Specification and Sales

Start and Locks- it is essential to note the coins are not for transfer until the third quarter of 2020. It will have a smart contract that will open shortly after the presale, and the CoinBees will only be transferable through Tezos addresses.

  • Supply – during the launch, as noted in the roadmap, approximately 15billions Coinbees will be up for sales. Then in the subsequent six months, the automatic generation of the coins will continue, and distribution only limited to the foundation. The maximum coin in supply will be 50Billion; the estimated that time to arrive at the amount is 20 years. It is also crucial to note that the coins are indivisible, and a 5% marginal profit gets accrued from the transfer, and the foundation is the one that benefits.
  • Autonomous and Decentralized – for any individual who buys the coins, they become directly linked to the management of the Coinbees foundation and thus can vote for the next project. The control will also be autonomous and decentralized.
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